Andres Sanchez, digital artist

Andres Sanchez, originally from Colombia, currently lives and works in New York.  Received his MFA from The National University of Colombia at Bogota. Sanchez has worked as a freelance designer and creative director for agencies like outboxtech, sonicloop and Tag Worldwide in the US, Synergos in Belgium and IKON Group in Colombia. He started producing photography, video and digital animation work in the late 1990s.

Sanchez is the recipient of several awards and nominations, including Salon Cano, Steel Pencil Award and Toma Cinco Audiovisual Festival. His most recent exhibitions include Adieu September at Spacewomb Gallery in New York,  asotranspop at Mini-mal Gallery in Bogota, Colombia, and Piso 11 at The Charlee Hotel in Medellin, Colombia.


2012 Recent work. Jaxon, Los Angeles.
2010 asotranspop. Mini-mal, Bogota, Colombia.
2002 Servicio-ejecutivo, New York. 

2013 Adieu September. Spacewomb Gallery, New York.
2012 Piso 11 (11 Floor). The Charlee Hotel, Medellin, Colombia.
2011 Colectiva 1. Mini-mal Arte. Bogota, Colombia.
2011 Formato Chic 2. MAS Arte Contemporaaneo, Bogota, Colombia.
2008 Análogo digital blanco y negro (Black and white digital analog), Fenalco Gallery. Bogota, Colombia.
2007 5 Proyectos (5 Projects), Casa Cuadrada Gallery. Bogota, Colombia.
2006 Blood, sweat & tires Servicio-Ejecutivo Gallery, New York /This is Network Gallery, Los Angeles.
2002 14 Liverpool Biennial. Liverpool, England.
2002 Entrecasa. Galería Santa Fe, Planetario Distrital, Bogota, Colombia.
2002 SUK2-Contaminazioni. Sesto Senso Galleria, Bologna, Italy.
2001 Colab-Collaborative Fusion. 450 Broadway Gallery, New York.
2001 All Out War/Escapism - Video performance, Baktun, New York.
2001 Open House, organized by Steve Rogenstein, New York.
1998 SINFILTRO. HRC, London, England.
1995 Group show, Wiedemann House, Bogota, Colombia.
1994 XXI Salon Cano. Bogota, Colombia.
1992 XIX Salon Cano. Bogota, Colombia.

2006 VideoPopuli. Traveling experimental video festival. Bogota, Colombia.
2006 Bogotrax. Electronic culture independent festival. Bogota, Colombia.
2003 Toma 5 Audiovisual Festival. Bogota, Colombia.
2002 OFFF, Online Flash Film Festival. Barcelona, Spain.

Pierogi 2000 Gallery. New York.
Fenalco Art Collection. Bogota, Colombia.

2012 Workshop, Advanced photographic techniques. Nikon School, Bogota, Colombia.
2010 FOCO 2010, Photography workshops and congress. Casa Sinfin, Bogota. Colombia.
2007 Fotografica Bogota. Bogota, Colombia.
1998 Hypermedia Studies, 4 modules. Hypermedia Research Centre, University of Westminster. London, England.
1996 Master of Fine Arts. National University of Colombia, Bogota, Colombia.

2005 Nomination Steel Pencil Award 2005, Design concept category
2002 Nomination Toma 5 Audiovisual Festival, Street short category
1992 First Prize, XIX Salon Cano.

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